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Energy Reporters is a pan-European news service and analytical platform covering developments in energy from across the continent.

who are we

At a time when Europe’s energy security is constantly in question and the dangers of climate change require bold action in the pursuit of clean energy, our platform keeps a keen eye on all forms of power generation and each step in the supply chain.

our mission

Our mission is to give European policymakers, journalists, academics, and the average citizen the information they need to understand where Europe’s power is coming from – and how it’s being put to use.



What we do

Our coverage takes in every part of the sector, from fossil fuels to renewables and from extraction to the end user. Europe requires diverse and multifaceted energy strategies to sustainably meet the needs of nearly 750 million people. Energy Reporters takes the same approach to our coverage.

Dr. John V. Bowlus writes about energy policy and geopolitics. He received his PhD in history from Georgetown University, where he wrote his dissertation on the politics and economics of oil transportation in the Middle East. In addition to freelance writing and research on energy-related issues, he is a professor at MEF University and a visiting researcher at the Center for Energy and Sustainable Development at Kadir Has University in Istanbul, and has authored several academic articles on energy history.​
John V. Bowlus

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